Selectus – Faculty Recruiting Tool

Selectus – The Faculty Recruiting Tool

Often the recruitment process at faculties is run with a high administrative expenditure as many activities are done manually. Applications do not consist of all requested documents or need to be copied for the committee members, added into lists by hand and sent by post.

The committee spends a lot of time with viewing the documents, structure them and add notes. During the committee meetings these thoughts get deepened and every application is treated individually, even chanceless applications.

Selectus simplifies and structures the application process with web forms and predefined file types. Instead of printed documents the committee members get an online access to all applications. With an easy mechanism an ABC rating is conducted for every application before the first committee meeting.

The valuable time of the committee meetings can now be used for discussing A and B candidates, as the applications with a C rating are recognized by the committee immediately.

Further information can be found in our brochure (in German only).


The Faculty Recruiting Tool software was developed jointly by ETH Zurich and frentix GmbH based on business processes and workflows implemented at ETH Zurich’s Office for Faculty Affairs. Requirements analysis, concept, design and implementation of the Faculty Recruiting Tool was done by frentix GmbH. Since 2010 ETH Zurich has used the Faculty Recruiting Tool for all faculty recruiting processes.

ETH Zurich is one of the leading international universities for technology and natural sciences. It is well known for its excellent education, ground-breaking fundamental research and for implementing its results directly into practice. Founded in 1855, ETH Zurich today has more than 20,600 students, including 4,000 doctoral students, from over 120 countries as well as 530 professors. To researchers, it offers an inspiring working environment, to students, a comprehensive education. 21 Nobel Laureates have studied, taught or conducted research at ETH Zurich, underlining the excellent reputation of the university.

The Faculty Recruiting Tool is now distributed and developed by frentix under the name Selectus as a standard software.

© 2010-2015 by ETH Zurich and frentix GmbH, all rights reserved.

Aims and features


With Selectus universities can reduce costs for expenditures and print massively. The tool simplifies the recruiting process for the applicant as well as for the decider.


Optimisation of the recruiting and selecting process

  • Reduction of administrative expenditure
  • Increase of quality of the application dossier, uniformity
  • Minimisation of paper waste and postal charges
  • Gain of efficiency in the committee meeting

Frame conditions

  • Easy: high usability, no unnecessary features
  • Web-based: no installation, for all operation systems
  • Safe: sensitive data



  • Create, edit, delete, generate lists
  • Open positions
  • Applications
  • Committee members

Electronic recruiting process

  • Record personal data
  • Upload documents (CV, covering letter, etc.)
  • Email notification about entry of application

Committee support

  • Digital distribution of application documents and lists
  • Tagging for simplified prioritisation of applications
  • Review and ABC rating on the online platform before the committee meeting
  • Notes, combined-pdf download, lists, rating workflow
  • Notification on relevant changes (online, email)


Process steps


Recruiting processes are similar to each other but in detail they are very specialized. Selectus allows to consider these single processes in a differentiated way. Every solution is adapted for every customer according his needs and optimized.

But still some basic structures can be defined which will be shown in the following use case.

Manage open positions

Open positions are created in the system by staff and published for application. The position can take one of the following status:

  • preparation
  • published
  • published & in screening
  • closed & in screening
  • closed
  • archived

Application for a position

On the homepage of the university a reference to the open positions is inserted. The link leads the applicant to a list with all open positions (generated by Selectus). After having selected an open position the applicant fills personal data into a questionnaire, and uploads required documents as pdf.

After the successful submission of the application the applicants will receive a confirmation email. From the applicant’s viewpoint the electronically supported process ends here. Further communication will be done in a manual process (post, email).

Compile application list

As soon as the committee members are defined staff can generate a list of the applicants out of the system and send it to the committee members.

In the system the status of the position is changed from „published“ to „published & in screening“.

Manage committee members

Staff registers the committee members in the system and provides them with rights for each position. The rights can be withdrawn any time.

View application

Positions in the status „published & in screening“ or „closed & in screening“ are visible to the committee members. The following features are available:

  • View list of applicants
  • View personal data of an applicant
  • View uploaded files of an application as single files or as combined file
  • View own review and ABC rating per application
  • View reviews and ABC ratings of other committee members per application
  • Comment feature (optional) per application



Rate application

Applications can be rated by A, B, or C either directly in the overview list, or on the details page of an applicant. Thanks to the (optional) review function, the rating result can also be logically traced afterwards.

In the applications list, applications with a C-rating have a red, B-ratings an orange, and A-ratings a green background, respectively. The applications list can be sorted arbitrarily. If sorting the list by rating, applications without rating will be displayed on top, followed by A-, B-, and C-rated applications. Within the same rating the applications are sorted by last name. The (optional) assignment of tags allows further sorting of the applications.

The rating of an application can be changed by the committee members at any time, multiple times.


Compile rating list

Before the committee meeting, staff may download and print out a list of applications containing the ABC ratings of the committee members. During the meeting you only need to collect any missing ratings, and focus on discussing candidates with A and B rating.


Insert final decision

After the decision of the committee the final decision is entered into the system by staff.

Send rejections

Staff can send standardised rejection emails to C candidates from the system. Different email templates can be stored, e.g. to send standardised emails to B candidates. The email text can be customized before sending. Sent emails are listed in the email log and can be viewed there.



frentix offer


Selectus will be adapted and individually configured according to your needs. Additional functions can be ordered, which are integrated into the standard software.

Hosting & maintenance

frentix is hosting the system on own servers in Zurich. Alternatively, the system can also be installed at the university. In this case frentix takes care of the system maintenance and updates.


frentix offers individual training (on-site or online).


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Assessment after ABC rating
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